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We are designers/ suppliers of sophisticated and comprehensive computer-based ticketing, Point of Sale and venue management services to the Cinema and Entertainment industries.


We are currently working with the Australian banking industry to provide new, revolutionary customer interface technology solutions which will dramatically change the way people purchase and pay for their visits to entertainment venues. The pace of change in communications and information technology obliges us to keep up or drop out. We have no intention of withdrawing from the challenges of our industry because we are very committed to our goals.


Our cinema software solutions are the most advanced and sought-after in Australia and currently provide full coverage of all customer services to almost 100 locations around the country. Indeed, we are advised that our product is superior to most others available world-wide. Venue Solutions packages are covered by 24/7 direct telephone support with rapid response to all calls.


We do not charge any up-front licensing fees and clients pay only for support services.


If you would like to speak to us about your requirements then please send an email with your name and contact phone number to:






If your credit/debit card statement carries an entry referring to "MERCHANT ACC VENUE TCKTS BALLAN" it will be because you have recently made an on-line purchase of tickets to attend a cinema near you. The banks require this approach for all credit/debit card internet transactions using one common gateway. Venue Tickets is the name of our internet booking/payments gateway service to the cinemas.


Should you wish to inquire about such an entry on your statement, please send an email with your contact information to:






This page and its contents are provided as a temporary substitute for our more substantial offering now under development.